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We are very sad to inform everyone that The Amazing Backyard will not be continuing. A neighbor complained to the town. The zoning department said we cannot run a business from the residence even though it is only a few days, a non-profit, etc. We explored an appeal but ran into only dead-ends.

To all the many friends we made from campers to counselors, we wish you a great summer with many hours of simple enjoyment. We will always treasure the great memories and good times we had... just having fun in our own amazing backyard.

Welcome to The Amazing Backyard!

The Amazing Backyard is a day program that is guaranteed to remind you of all the fun you can have in your backyard!

WBZ 6:00 News - Paul Burton

June 2016

It’s Not A ‘Camp’ – Needham Family Transforms Yard Into Fun Summer Program

By Paul Burton, WBZ-TV Channel 4 News

The DeMaria family of Needham say basic backyard games are what make summer vacation so memorable and fun.

“Remember all the fun you used to have in your backyard?  People don’t do that anymore,” Gary DeMaria said as dozens of kids ran around his backyard.

We're all about good clean, creative fun. We're not focused on any particular sport or educational benefit.

This is a day program focused on creating smiles from ear-to-ear. Our activities are structured around safe, enjoyable, and exciting play.

The program is held in Needham, Massachusetts, and yes, it's in our backyard. It's for girls and boys leaving kindergarten through leaving 5th grade. We have two, four-day weeks planned for this summer; one in July and one in August. The prgram runs from 9:00 AM until 2:00 PM. Lunch can be provided for an additional charge. See our schedule for details.

Why are we doing this?

We are Needham High School students and we're doing this for charity, for fun and for experience. Learn more...

Please browse our website and read about the amazing activities we have planned. If you have any questions, check out our FAQs page and feel free to write to us using our contact-us page.

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