Needham Hunt


A Responsible Adult

This is family oriented activity. We do not expect children to do this without an adult. Each team must have a responsible adult listed on the team profile along with his/her email and cell phone number. We promise we will not do anything with your contact information except for contact you about the game; as needed.

When? Start and End Times

The Needham Hunt starts Saturday morning any time after 7:00 AM and Ends Sunday at 5:00 PM.

You can play any time!

You can hunt any time between the start and end of the weekend. It doesn't matter when. Your time accumulates only while you are seaching for a clue, never between clues. You do NOT have to be done first, you want to have the shortest time while hunting clues.

No Hunting After Dark

There is no playing after dark on Saturday, so the last clue for the day is given out before 6:00 PM on Saturday. If you have an open clue at 6:00 PM on Saturday, you can continue searching until you find it, but the app will not give you another clue. You can resume playing on Sunday morning at 7:00 AM, or any time after.

No Racing!!

There is no need to rush between clues. Safety is most imporant. Therefore, the clock does NOT run between clues. Take your time to safely travel to the next location. You can even break for lunch or start up again the next day. The timer only runs while you are hunting for a specific clue. Once you find it, the clock stops until your next clue is given. You can walk, bike or drive to the next location. It will not effect your time. Go slow and be safe!

No Cheating!!

You may not work with another team. You may not share information. This is cheating. You will be disqualified and publicly shunned.

The Answers

The answers to the clues are always just one word or one number. No spaces! There is no limit to the number of number of guesses, but each wrong guess adds a one minute penalty to your time.


Prizes are given out to the team with the shortest time. Still working on it, but we expect there to be at least 10 prizes. The first place team can choose from all 10 prizes, the second place team can choose from the remaining 9 prizes, and so on.

How do I participate?

You need a smart phone. Using your smart phone, goto Tap to Register a new team. You will enter a team name, name of the responsible adult, email and the cell phone number you are using. You will be sent a text to validate your phone number. Enter the players on the team by putting in their first name and age (we want this only to know who is playing and how old, it may also help us with prizes). Go ahead and sign-up in advance so you are ready to hunt when the game begins.