Needham Hunt

What is The Hunt?

The Needham Hunt is a town wide scavenger hunt for the trick-or-treaters who enjoyed visiting our home and their families. It is intended to be a family based activity and involves going around to different Needham Public sites and looking for clues. The clues are provided on your phone. When you type in the right answer, the next clue will appear.

Why are you doing this?

The DeMaria Family has enjoyed entertaining trick-or-treaters for many years at their Powers Street home. Our youngest children graduate high school this year, so with the kids all off to college, this will be our last year. We want to go out with a bit of celebration, so we created The Needham Hunt as our fairwell Halloween fun for our neighbors.

When is The Hunt?

You can gather your family and do The Hunt any time over the weekend of November 3rd + 4th. It can be done on your own time schedule. Each time you are given a clue, a timer starts, when you solve the clue, the timer stops. You can take as much time as you wish between clues and it will not effect your over-all time. So, the Hunt can be done whenever you wish between Saturday morning, November 3rd at 7 AM and Sunday evening, November 4th at 6 PM. For safety, clues are turned off Saturday night between 6:00 PM and Sunday at 7:00 AM.

Are there Prizes?

Yes! The prizes have not yet been settled, but there will be a first place prize valued at $100 for the fastest time. There will be at least 10 more prizes in addition to the fastest time.

What do I need?

This is family oriented activity. We do not expect children to do this without an adult. So, you need a responsible adult and a smart phone with cellular internet access. You can use a car, bike or walk to the various locations (You are NOT timed when moving from location to location so there is no rush to move around town).

How do I participate?

Use your smart phone and go to Click to Register a new team. You will enter a team name, name of the responsible adult and the cell phone number you are using. You will be sent a text to validate your phone number. Enter the players on the team by putting in their first name and age (we want this only to know who is playing and how old, it may also help us with prizes). You may sign-up in advance and be ready for The Hunt to begin over the weekend.

Questions or Problems?

Gary @ 781-727-8718 (call or text)
or email

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